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Ashley Murphy – Keller Williams

Meet Ashley Murphy: Your Greater Birmingham Area Realtor
As an Auburn grad and former sales and marketing consultant, I have a vast set of skills to assist you with your real estate buying and selling. My many years of sales and marketing experience, has connected me to the community and prepared me to be an excellent real estate agent for you and those you care about.

Why I’m Different
I value relationships, communication, and customer service. Real estate is not just about transactions; it is about relationships. Nobody is just a transaction for me; relationships make this enjoyable and exciting for all involved.
Our homes are part of our story. The first home, the dream home, the home you brought your babies home to, the forever home; they all make up a part of our story. As we sell, we hold on to our memories and stories from that place we knew as our home. As we buy, we excitedly look to the future memories and stories to be made in our new home. I value how personal buying and selling homes truly is.

Let’s Get Personal
I love Jesus, my husband, my many kiddos(four), my large dog(great dane), and large cups of coffee. Our family is making memories in our new home, in a great neighborhood in Helena. I have a gluten allergy, so that leaves more pizza, donuts, cookies, and cakes for you. I love Chipotle with an obnoxious amount of sour cream. I take great photos and previously had my own portrait photography business. I am no whiz in the kitchen so I love my Crock-Pot. I am not well-traveled but desire to be. I love random facts. I want to know you!

3535 Grandview Pkwy Ste 350

Birmingham, AL 35243

Phone: (706) 405-0683